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Business & Executive Coaching

Coaching is a relatively new industry that is not highly regulated at this time. Anyone can become a coach but not everyone knows how to be effective at coaching. When an individual meets with a coach, they are seeking help to facilitate some form of change. Change is a complex process that requires more than just inspiration, empathy or giving advice. It requires knowing the stages of change and how to address the ambivalence inherent in change.

Dr. Don Zeidlhack is a rare Corporate Coach in that he has both a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and real world management and leadership experience in Fortune 500™ corporations. He has worked both domestically and internationally and is a licensed psychologist. Not only does Dr. Zeidlhack understand how people change, he has an explicit understanding of the environments executives, managers, staff and medical professionals (physicians and nurses) work in.

McDougald & Associates provides coaching in the following areas:

  • Executive and Managerial Leadership Development
  • Coaching of Medical Professionals
  • Quality Control Program Facilitation
  • International Acculturation
  • Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • Executives Experiencing Difficulties
  • Diversity Issues including Gender Differences

If you are interested in developing yourself through Business Coaching, contact Dr. Don Zeidlhack in Naperville at 630-414-1050.